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Alex Broche is director of Title Operations for Title Answers. Mr. Broche is in charge of relationships with our underwriter, vendors, referral partners and all other affiliated parties of the transaction. Alex is instrumental in overseeing, developing and performing quality control on the firms practices to ensure that closings are conducted in a efficient and effective manner. 

Prior to Title Answers, Alex directed all day-to-day business operations such as business development, production, and client relations at a large independently owned title company in South Florida. His focus was on the sales of commercial businesses, commercial and residential real estate, and private lender transactions from property evaluation to lending terms and conditions (i.e. balloon notes, construction loans, reverse mortgages). Established and maintained relationships with banks, realtors, mortgage brokers, and attorneys in order to facilitate and expedite the real estate settlement process. Managed employees throughout the company ensuring the maintenance and management of escrow accounts for various real estate brokers, sweep funds, private equity accounts, and real estate investment funds were performed with the highest level of quality. Other ownership duties included general accounting practices such reconciliation of escrow accounts, profit and loss analysis, and regulatory compliance with the State of Florida (i.e. filing of financial statements). Sponsoring underwriting companies were Fidelity National Title, Ticor Title, and KEL Title. 

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7260 SW 39 Terrace, Suite B

Miami, FL 33155

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